[TAIWAN] Famous Taiwanese Crispy Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? I think almost every people love fried chicken. In past few years, there are many stores that sell Taiwanese fried chicken in Indonesia. They are very popular in a short time and highly favored by the customers. So, when we go to Taiwan, crispy fried chicken is the top priority in our “must-eat” food list because it’s the most popular street snack in Taiwan… 😀

Spending 12 days in Taiwan, we have tried the crispy fried chicken for 7 times in different places. We found most of them at night market in Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Taichung.

The first Fried Chicken that we’ve tried was in Rueifeng Night Market, Kaohsiung. Usually, crispy fried chicken size in Taiwan was very large. But we found it in a skewer with smaller size. They use the same flour and seasoning as in other fried chicken. It’s a boneless chicken fillet with the very crisp texture… 😀 . You can choose between the original or spicy flavor. (Price: 30 NT$)



Another fried chicken that we have tried is located on Ziqiang 3rd Rd, near our hotel at 85 Sky Tower. Along Ziqiang 3rd Rd, you will find many stalls on both sides of the road. And i found this fried chicken in a small cart. It tastes good, but there was a bit of bone that sticks to chicken fillet and it’s not large enough for me 😀 (Price: 60 NT$)



On the next days, we go to Liouhe Night Market, still in Kaohsiung City. For this time, we found 1 fried chicken stall with a very very long queue.. The brand is Angel Fried Chicken, with an angel on their logo. Actually we already found this stall in Rueifeng Night Market, but because the queue is very long there (waiting time maybe around 30 mins.), so we decided not to join queue.When we found it again here, we are more curious to try this out. Mostly of their customer are young people. I think there is a new brand in Taiwan and they have a good marketing through social media.






After waiting around 15 mins, finally, we got our crispy fried chicken. Yeayyy…!!! The best part of Angel Fried Chicken is, the chicken breast was very thick! Yes, extremely THICK! Even though, it’s very juicy and tender. But it tastes a little bit sweeter, maybe because of the seasoning they used to marinade. The flour and crisp texture were different from common Taiwanese fried chicken. And the similarities with the other is, there is a bone that sticks to chicken fillet and only has 2 flavors, original and spicy. Therefore, I prefer both that I have tried before. (Price: 70 NT$)











After exploring Liouhe Night Market for around 1 hour, we walked across the  street and can you guess what we found? HOT-STAR Large Fried Chicken. This is Taiwan’s local brand and most popular in Taiwan. They also open franchise outlets in many countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, Thailand, etc. Unfortunately, we forget the name of that road. But it’s located opposite of Liouhe Nigh Market.

This is the best fried chicken we’ve ever tried. Their chicken was very large, not too thick, and very crisp. We ordered the spicy one and it’s very good, the right level of crispness balanced with the thickness of the chicken. (Price: 70 NT$)




From Kaohsiung, now move on to Taipei. Because of our tight schedule in Taipei, so we just focus on Shilin Night Market. This is the biggest and most famous night market located in Shilin district of Taipei. In front of Shilin Night Market, before the main gate, there is one stall with a very very long queue. Actually, I don’t know what’s the name or brand, because they do not put a brand or logo on their stall.

If you walk from Shilin MRT Station to Shilin Night Market, you’ll easily find them. I think they’re the only one of fried chicken stall in a row of the road to the main gate. Their stall was the only one which has an extremely long queue.





This one is quite unique compared to the others. After they deep-fried the chicken, then they put and grill the fried chicken on a griller and then given a seasoning. Although it’s deep-fried and then grilled, but it still crisp and even have a little bit sweet flavor, maybe like BBQ sauce. It tastes good, but nothing special for me. (Price: 70 NT$)



Keep walking forward through the main gate and cross a small road, you’ll find HOT-STAR Chicken. If we found HOT-STAR Chicken stall in Kaohsiung, but in Shilin Night Market they have a store, they also have a small kitchen inside.





I think maybe it’s a different franchiser, because they also have a different both the taste and the price. Actually, their fried chicken is very good like HOT-STAR we’ve tried in Kaohsiung, but their flavor and seasoning is not as strong and rich as the one in Kaohsiung. (Price: 80 NT$)



Here it is the last Crispy Fried Chicken in Taiwan (Finally… :D), A-Li Fried Chicken. This one is recommended by my cousins in Taoyuan. Actually, i don’t know where is the location of A-Li Fried Chicken, because it bought and taken home by my cousin. This one is also very good, but maybe because we had too much Crispy Fried Chicken, so it difficult to distinguish the taste.. 😀



Overall, we have to admit that the original Crispy Fried Chicken is more tender and juicy than the ones in Indonesia. We truly love their crunchy and crispy texture. But, almost fried chicken in Taiwan there was a bit of bone that sticks to chicken meat, and only have original and spicy flavor. Unlike in Indonesia that use boneless chicken fillet and have many varieties of flavors.. LOL

So, don’t forget to try this Large Fried Chicken when you go to Taiwan. It’s a must-eat street food in Taiwan for sure…!!! :p

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